Soil Samples 1/2 Sale. Thanks to Clay County Soil & Water Conservation District.

  • Need your soil tested from your yard, field or garden?

  • We have soil probes that you can borrow to obtain your samples.

  • Bring all soil samples into our office. We will send to UK for analysis

  • If you have questions, call 598-2789.

AGR-16: Taking Soil Test Samples

Gardening in KY Video Podcast: Soil Testing

How to Take a Soil Sample Video


Soil test cost-share provided by Clay County Soil and Water District

The Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District has generously offered to help pay for the cost of soil sample analysis for Clay County residents. The regular cost for a soil sample from UK is $7 per sample, but with the 50/50 cost-share match from the Soil and Water District it will now only cost you $3.50 per sample. 

Soil testing is the first step in addressing nutrient and soil acidity to ensure good crop growth. However, fertilizer prices rose dramatically in 2021 and will probably stay high through 2022. From a financial standpoint, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you aren’t spending more on fertilizer than your crops can use. And since excess nutrients often leach out of the field, adding too much fertilizer is both expensive and bad for our creeks and rivers.

If you have questions about how to perform a soil sample, or if you would like to borrow a soil probe to make sampling easier, just come by our office. Don’t forget to thank the Directors and staff of the Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District for their generous support of our county producers!