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4-H/Youth Development: The 4-H/Youth Development program creates opportunities and supportive environments for youth and adults to become capable, competent and caring citizens. The emphasis is on "hands-on" learning that focuses on the youth's area of interest. Programs are conducted with the help of parents, adult volunteer leaders and professional staff who organize educational experiences. Youth participate in organized 4-H clubs, special interest and project groups, 4-H school enrichment programs, 4-H camp and other special activities.

4-H 4K

4-H 4K will be on May 20th at 10 am at the Rawlings & Stinson Park.  Registration fee is $10.  Deadline to register is May 15th.  Winners from each level will be recognized and receive an award.  Sponsored by the 4-H Teen Club.  All proceeds benefit Clay County 4-H.  For more informaiton, call the Clay County Extension Office at 598-2789.

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Photography Camp will be on May 22nd, 24th, June 6th, 8th & 13th from 1-2:30 pm.  This program is FREE and open to all youth in grades 3rd - 12th.  Cameras will be provided. Participants will have opportunities to exhibit outstanding photography at Clay County Extension Week, Kentucky State Fair 4-H Exhibit and the Clay County Homemakers Photography Show.  Please call 598-2789 to register by May 19th.  Limited number of spots are available.

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Just Get Moving Manchester

Just Get Moving Manchester will be on May 25th from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm at the Rawlings & Stinson Park.  Activities include: walking, hula hoop, dart game, jump rope, skip it, sack races, 3 legged race, egg race and team races.  Prizes will be given away.  FREE & open to the public!  For more information, call 598-2789.

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Fun with Painting will be June 2nd at 2:00 pm at the Clay County Extension Office.  Come & enjoy our summer painting class!  You can choose one of these two designs or both.  Snacks will be provided!  All youth ages 12 and under are invited to attend.  Costs is $10 per child.  Space is limited, so please call 598-2789 to register by Friday, May 26th.

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Fun with Foods will be on June 7th, 13th & 15th from 2-3:30 pm at the EXCEL bulding beside McDonalds.  This is a 3 day cooking camp FREE & open to all youth ages 8-19.  Come & join us!  Youth will be introduced to various cultures and have the opportunity to create several dishes that are common with each culture.  On the final day, youth will learn cupcake decorating and smoothie making!  Hosted by the Clay County 4-H Agent & Snap-Ed Assistant.  To register by June 1st, please call 598-2789.

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4-H Camp - June 19th - 22nd

It’s time to start thinking of 4-H Camp that is coming up June 19th – 22nd.  4-H Camp is for all Clay County youth ages 9-14.  Camp is packed with activities from dawn to dusk!  Campers will take classes offered by certified instructors in classes like:  ●swimming ●archery ●ropes/zip lines ●canoeing ●nature ●riflery ●fishing ●sports ●arts & crafts and lots more!  Cost for camp is $185.  Partial and full scholarships are available.  Be looking for more information in upcoming newsletters.

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Our next 4-H Teen Club meeting will be on ___________ at _____ pm at the Rawlings & Stinson Park .  If you are between the ages of 12 – 17 and are looking for something different to be involved in and still trying to find where you might fit in 4-H could be for you. It is an opportunity to be involved in something new ...and unique. There will be at least one teen club meeting every month. They don’t all have to be attended and you can join any time. So come check it out and see if 4-H is right for you!

Studies have shown that youth involvement in 4-H helps their relationships with others better, be more engaged and contributive to their communities, more likely to go to college and engaged in school, have a better chance at living a healthy lifestyle, and even many times more likely to plan a career in a science field.

Join the Revolution of Responsibility!

The Clay County 4-H Teen Club is having a T-Shirt Fundraiser.  All proceeds will benefit the Club.  For more information call 598-2789.

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4-H Volunteer Leaders Needed

How does 4-H benefit youth?

4-H’ers, regardless of their background, socio-economic status, race or gender, benefit from their participation in Kentucky 4-H. Positive youth development studies have affirmed that compared to other youth, young people involved in 4-H are about:

· Four times more likely to contribute to their communities. 

· Two times more likely to be civically active.

· Two times more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices.

· Two times more likely to participate in Science, Engineering and Computer Technology.

· 4-H girls are two times more likely (Grade 10) and nearly three times more likely (Grade 12) to take part in science programs compared to girls in other out-of-school time activities. 

Types of Clubs:

Community ClubAn adult volunteer leader starts a 4-H club in his or her neighborhood with some local children.  The group usually meets in the evenings or on weekends and offers self-chosen multiple learning experiences and activities.  Meetings can take place at the leader’s home, county 4-H office or other convenient location(s).

● In-school—A teacher or another interested adult volunteer conducts a club meeting at a designated time during class.  The teacher may select 4-H projects that are relevant to the class and subject(s) being taught, or offer a project “just for fun.” These clubs meet during school hours, but have officers and planned activities beyond school enrichment.

● After-SchoolA teacher or another interested adult volunteer conducts a club meeting after school hours within a childcare setting.  They have officers and planned activities.

● Project Club—An adult volunteer leads a club designed around a specific topic or project.  4-H’ers interested in that particular project would meet usually once a month or more at the leader’s home, county 4-H office or other convenient location(s). Examples of Project Clubs include: dog, horse, shooting sports, etc. 

How to Get Started: Contact Alissa Sebastian at the Clay County Extension Office for more information! Phone: 606-598-2789 Email:


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When you renew your farm license plate, you can add a voluntary $10 donation to be divide equally among Kentucky 4-H, Kentucky FFA, and Kentucky Proud.  Please join us in making the voluntary donation to support Kentucky's youth and Kentucky agriculture.  Thank you for your support!

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